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Generally speaking, I am inclined to write less, rather than more, about what I design or create or otherwise extract from the aether. But I do appreciate thoughts on the creative process, and I do enjoy discussing those ideas, preferably in person. Here are a few thoughts to get a discussion going.

1) I think that art and intellectual creativity have suffered quite severely due to the excessive, academic-centric intellectualization of everything. How to effectively deal with this is both very important and largely neglected.

2) In my photographic work, I am interested in capturing the sense of being there, of time and place and thought. I am most interested in working with the light on hand, with things as they are arranged, and what I can do in the moment. As a result, street photography, especially the implicit philosophy in street photography, is something that is closely aligned with how I think about photography. I don't believe there are right ways and wrong ways to photograph and am not very interested in systems of thought that try to rank the work that is out there. I very much like the philosophy and work in the Inspired Eye.

3) To the extent that we deviate from child-like simplicity in the way we create and connect, we lose the joy and wonder that are always there for us to share in and spread around to others. Forgetting fame, recognition, ratings, status, reputation, etc, will not make us rich in money or anonymous attention, but letting go of that burden will open us to a richness in creativity and a depth in connection that is, in the end, the only richness worth pursuing.

My Context

I am married to Beata, who immigrated to the US from Poland when she was 16. We have a 19 year old son who is interested in architecture, design, down-hill biking, film, taking the time to think, travel and being independent. Our dog Obi, a Standard Poodle, is practically human. Obi is convinced that Charlie, our cat, is in fact a dog, in disguise. I spend a fair bit of time creating and teaching mathematics, mostly in, or close to, the areas of geometric measure theory and data analysis. Much of what I do revolves around the training of graduate students. My team website is here. I also spend time and energy creating my own vision of photographic art, making things from wood and metal, travelling and learning things with Beata and Levi, running and hiking, and connecting with others who like to create and connect. What I write can be found on my blog here.

Contact Information and Additional Facts

Kevin R. Vixie


I was born in the Chicago area in 1961, but moved, when I as 9, to Kansas and kept moving west until I was in graduate school in Seattle and Portland. After a little over 10 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory, I moved to Washington State University in Pullman, WA, where I am a professor in mathematics. Photographers in my circle of friends and family include my brother Curtis Vixie, who travels the world with his family, his daughter Jordyn Vixie, who is about to graduate from Brooks in Santa Barbara, and Peter Vincent, who is a good friend and is well known for his photographs of the Bonneville salt flats and the cars that race there. My son, Levi Vixie, is interested in film and still photography and has already created some engaging clips on youtube. See for example, this video. My dad and uncle were also photographers, though only my uncle made his living from it. 

KRV preparing to present Federer 4.2.25